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PPG Minutes Posted on 7 Feb 2020

Patients Participation Group Meeting

17th January 2020





Janet Stead

Sue Breen

Emilia Flemming

Jean Church

John Billson

David Dutton

Jenny Atkinson – Lead (who took the chair)



Kim Devlin

Dr Sathanandan

Farry Ismail (P/M)


Meeting opened at 1pm by Jenny Atkinson – Patient Lead


JA – Apologised for Dr Satha who had a meeting with his accountant but would try his utmost to attend after if the meeting went to schedule.

JA -Apologised for having to change scheduled meeting from Wednesday 15th to today 17th but was phoned by Dr Satha and asked to join a meeting at the surgery yesterday evening, as a patient representative, along with the staff and doctors solicitor.

Sadly, it was to advise that the surgery would be closing and joining E.G.P. (Eastwood Group Practice). JA Then read out a notice written by Dr setting this out and what would be (notice attached). Not public notice to be shared at this moment in time as E.G.P. to have their meeting, also CCG meeting the GPs Tuesday 21st January and then has to go to NHS England to agree. Dr does not feel that this would be a problem as they are wanting to close small practices, as we are all aware, plus this would save the NHS money. Advised Group that all staff would keep their jobs under TUPE (under continuous contract) Dr has agreed this with E.G.P. under the guidance of his solicitor. JB Commendable of Dr S

JA Dr S to continue working at E.G.P. days will be confirmed

JA Any questions?

All Group expressed their sadness and disappointment as have been with the surgery for a long time, some from the beginning and some from before and have just moved with the change of GPs and surgery sites.

SB – raised concerns re if out of catchment area as she was with the surgery when at previous site and branch site and only moved to Blenheim Chase site as others closed and amalgamated on one premises. JA – also said had the same concerns, as her family had been at the surgery since in Kenilworth Drive under Dr Quinn in the 1970s and followed it to Kent Elms and then Southbourne Grove/Bellhouse Lane under Dr Quraishy (after Dr Q retired) and then Dr Sathanandan as Dr Quraishy retired JC also raised concerns that as her children grew up and moved from home they were also given permission to stay at Blenheim Chase Site and always got to the surgery to see doctor JA – family likewise and they always got to the surgery. This she thought would have be taken up with E.G.P once move in place and settled down. JC Can we use any surgery JA Yes.

The Group discussed – the difficulty re practices in the area as a lot of the small ones that accommodated patients have amalgamated with larger concerns or joined larger premises and this absolutely effects where there are practices for us to join if EGP not happy with us to stay. There are only EGP, Highlands, Leigh Primary Care, Valkyrie Road (which is further away) and a couple of remaining small practices.

Group also discussed parking as no parking facilities on site at EGP although Kent Elms has car parking facilities. For accessing EGP next to Belfairs Chemist the cricket field car park and Belfairs park/woods car park discussed and if lucky street parking.

JC – queried if our online facilities would be affected JA & DD said they thought not as this was personal to the patient with the IT system and not the surgery. (JA has checked with Farry the P/M who advised that this is correct, she raised this with IT when she had a meeting regarding merger – she would double check that 100%)

Summary – Group was sad that this was happening but inevitable in the end although Dr had tried to find someone to merge with where Blenheim Chase could remain a branch surgery but this didn’t work out, then tried to find someone who would like to take over the practice but this did not work out either.

No other questions.


1.40pm Dr Satha joined the meeting and apologised for not making it earlier.

JA advised we had finished and was just chatting things over, commiserating re the closure and the group and sad how the PPG would come to an end, although we could still meet in March before the surgery closes.

The Group – were very grateful to Dr Satha for making it to the meeting.

Dr Satha – reiterated the above and asked if any other questions/concerns. The Group just shared their sadness plus understanding and thanked Dr Satha for all had done and hoped to see him as a GP at EGP.

JA – advised will keep informed as information came to hand and we would meet if only for a coffee.



No other business so meeting closed at 2pm



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